Calibrated K9 is here to meet the needs of those who's daily lives are impacted by dogs, by offering custom tailored training packages based on the individual dog's needs and role within their pack. 

Calibrated K9's training philosophy is based on three critical concepts-Motivation, Timing and Consistency. Utilizing a balanced approach and these three fundamental concepts, we craft your canine companion's customized training plan, providing a fun and rewarding experience for you and your pet. When your pet's program is complete both you and your dog will have the skills and understanding to continue training and strengthening your bond, for life. Training never ends-it just gets more fun!
Dog Training Knoxville

Understanding what motivates your dog is the first step in creating a proper line of communication. Whether it's food, praise or play, physical rewards are the foundation of our training approach. You wouldn't work for free, and neither should your dog-which is why we tap into what they enjoy most. After all, training should be beneficial and fun!


Obedience Training Knoxville

Dogs live in the now. With a short term memory of just over a second (1.3 seconds on average), our timing must be impeccable in marking and either rewarding or correcting for behaviors. Once that narrow window of time has passed, the dog has moved on, and so must we. Operating within this fleeting window is critical in helping the dog understand what is and isn't expected of them, which leads to increased levels of obedience, confidence and reliability. 


Consistency in Dog Training. Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Consistency over time is what allows all the little short term lessons and training sessions to add up to something amazing. While a dog's short term memory is very short, with consistency each training session is one step closer to the desired behavior being solidly encoded in its long term memory.


While training your pet and establishing new behaviors during the week, we also do a lesson with the owner at the end of each week-allowing the dog to easily bridge the gap between working with the trainer and performing their new tasks for their pack leader (you!). This training of the dog and the owner is how we ensure a successful and fulfilling relationship that lasts a lifetime. 
Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience consists of having full control of your dog while on leash. To achieve this we teach:

  • Sit (Until "Free!" or given another command)

  • Down (Until "Free!" or given another command)

  • Climb (Until "Free!" or given another command)

  • Recall (Come)

  • Loose Leash Walking (Heel)

Advanced Obedience

Advanced Obedience is where things get really fun. This is where the dog learns the basic commands, then is taken off leash and transitioned to an e-collar-allowing for full control and obedience while hiking, running, at the lake or any other time you'd like to be hands free or allow your dog more freedom to be a dog.


What is the "Climb"? The climb is a command given to get the dog on any nearby elevated surface-in the home typically a dog cot is used. The rules of the climb are simple-the dog cannot bark, and the dog must stay on the climb until freed or recalled. This is extremely useful for keeping the dog quiet and out of the way when the doorbell rings, there is company over or other distractions present themselves.

The Climb

The climb can be any elevated surface-stumps, boulders, park benches, picnic tables, etc!

 The Pet Program 
During your Free In Home Evaluation, the scope of training needs will be established and a three or five week program will be recommended and discussed (longer custom programs are always available as well). Your dog will be picked up Monday morning or Sunday evening to start the training week, and brought home Friday for an in home private lesson-effectively transferring the dog's new skills and understanding to the owner's home and leadership. During the week, the dog will stay in the comfort of the trainer's home, allowing for multiple training and exercise sessions per day, leading to rapid advancement under the trainer's watchful eye.  
Puppy Imprinting 
Whether you are looking to start your relationship with your new pup off on the right paw, or you are interested in having a single, dual or multipurpose K9 who can find specific odors, protect your family and/or track missing people, starting puppies as early as possible is an investment well worth making. Whether your goal is to have a multipurpose K9 or simply want your new puppy to be a confident, obedient and well mannered member of your pack, email or call today to discuss how we can set you and your puppy up for a lifetime of success.