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  • Ben Landkammer

When Life Bites Back

Hey all…

Had a rough interaction tonight at tracking club. While Kato, my boy, was tracking.

I’m not one to shit post or bring drama to the internet…look at my entire personal and business Facebook accounts…I hate drama. And there’s way more than enough of it in the dog world. Rant over…

While tracking tonight, an off leash dog came from about 100 yards away, beelining it to us as soon as he saw us (Kato was tracking-nose down, on a tracking lead, not paying attention to the dog or the dog’s owner because…he was working) and bit him on the rear flank. At least 2 puncture wounds. He didn’t retaliate. I know that sounds crazy…

The owner was yelling, worthlessly, at her dog the entire encounter. He latched on and she was ineffectual.

“Omg I’m so sorry, I don’t know what to say. He was attacked at a dog park before, blah blah blah.” This isn’t the first time this dog has attacked, and the dog park statement was all I need to know about his ‘Why’.

“Ma’am, this the the search and rescue K9 for the team that augments operations in the Smokies.” I actually said at least twice that I apologize for my tone, as I’m a bit keyed up. “There are leash laws for a reason, and your dog should never be off leash again. Much less in city limits.”

“He was just pooping.”

“And? You have no control over him.”

“We’ve never seen another dog here before.”

“This is a public park in a neighborhood in city limits with leash laws, and I highly doubt that. There are leash laws for a reason, and your dog attacked without any provocation. He was 100 yards away from you on the other side of the tennis court while you were sitting in your van.”

Then she left.


Please, please, please…


Please, please, please…

DO. NOT. ’MEET’. OTHER. DOGS. (Who you don’t know and who most likely or are obviously not under strict control).

My boy took damage tonight for no good reason, and should’ve retaliated (I’m equally proud and upset (as a martial artist and concealed carrier) that he didn’t meet force with force.

Rant zone: skip if you so desire, because…drama…

If you can’t trust your dogs in public, PLEASE seek out a professional trainer. Or, don’t put the dogs that people have invested time and money in at risk simply because you won’t put the investment into yours. And really-this is a MASSIVE soap box for me-DO NOT GO TO DOG PARKS. PERIOD. OR MEET OTHER DOGS THAT YOU DON’T KNOW OR AREN’T UNDER CONTROL. Nothing good happens there even if all the interactions are positive. In that case you’re only TRAINING your dog that all other dogs in public are way more fun than you, and that you have far less value. At worst, and as is very common, you’ll teach your dogs that other dogs are a threat to their lives, and as such should be attacked. Thus creating dog aggression, as my boy was on the receiving end of tonight. While working.

There are absolutely PHENOMENAL dog owners out there who understand the commitment to PROPER training, and then there are those who wing it and put other dogs and people at risk. I don’t care who you go to for training as long as they have solid reviews and are a Balanced trainer. Read reviews. Interview them. Ask all the questions. Get their vibe. Whatever. Vet them as you would a surgeon.

Deep breath...

Pic from 20 minutes before the incident with Winnie, a bite and tracking club member…

I apologize for the late night, unnecessary drama.

Ben and Kato

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