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What's it all about???

This is what it’s all about! I’ve been using the terms “livable dog” and “adventure buddy” a lot lately when talking about general goals with training pet dogs and working k9’s, and this embodies it. I LOVE when the whole family can get involved, benefit from and ENJOY having a dog as part of the household! Thank you for sharing this, Jimmye Chapman! Love you guys!

To most this picture may not seem like anything spectacular. However, it’s nothing short of amazing. Prior to the last two weeks, the kids have been anxious around Murphy… his size, his puppy tendencies… it’s big & a lot. Murphy has been training with Calibrated K9 & Ben Landkammer the last two weeks and the results have changed our family’s life. The commands he’s learned, the leash training…his whole demeanor has changed. He has been able to be with us during dinner time & stay in the living room while the kids play without jumping/tackling them in excitement. Seeley walked Murphy last night for the first time…There was no pulling. There was no jumping. It was amazing and she was so proud of herself that she asked to walk him again this morning. We are so pleased with our experience at @calibratedk9 and Murphy still has another 2 weeks to go! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to anyone looking for dog training ❤️

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