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  • Ben Landkammer

The First Rule of Bite Club is...

If you haven't yet caught the news, we moved in October of 2021! More space, indoor training and lesson space, a pimped out kennel building in the works, and coming once a week (for now...), Bite and Tracking Clubs!

Club nights will be open to those who are currently in or have previously completed a board and train program, want to add to existing or explore new capabilities with their dogs, and are into hanging out with likeminded people who are all about working their dogs, learning new skills and helping build a community around dogs and training.

There will be opportunities to learn the basics of drive building, bite development, decoying, as well as beginning tracking, how to lay tracks (I can't lay tracks for everyone, right?), how to introduce confounding factors appropriately, etc, all while hanging with cool people and having fun watching each team grow and progress in their abilities!

We will alternate every Wednesday evening between Bite Club and Tracking Club, starting with Bite Club on the evening of March 2nd. As interest grows we will add more days and otherwise adjust as needed.

Contact Ben at or 406 240-0192 for details!

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