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  • Ben Landkammer

Always Grateful for the Love...

We originally heard of Ben from a kennel near where we lived. We had recently adopted a two year old pit mix from the shelter. We were told that he was found on the streets and then returned after his first adoption because they could not control him and he was too much. When we first brought him home, we quickly learned what they meant. Roman chewed up anything left out and even went as far as to try to take your sandals off your feet while growling and barking at you. He would jump on dressers and counter tops. He did not care about people or show any desire to love or be loved. After going to work with Ben for only one week we started to see subtle changes. By the end of the five week course he was a changed dog. He now has a desire to please and to love his family. He still has his moments but without Ben’s training I do not know what we would have done. And whenever we still need his help and guidance he’s there.


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