Professional Training for your Best Friend.

Calibration isn't a single isolated effort, but a lifestyle. Calibrating your relationship with your pack takes consistent input-your dog is always learning, just as we are continuously dialing in and refining our training methods and philosophies to meet your needs.

Currently booking June 2021. Email or Call today to schedule your free evaluation, and book your training spot!  

CoronaVirus Update: Dogs are still accepted for training during quarantine. Social distancing is being practiced during private lessons, and the standard disinfection protocols remain in place in the home for the dogs.


Need a laugh? We threw this video together during a little bit of quarantine downtime. Hope you enjoy!!

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As a Top Tier K9 Certified Trainer, Calibrated K9 promises to deliver the highest level of pet training and customer service available, taking in only a few guests at a time in order to do so.

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